UK Sales & Global Distribution Activation Specialists

We are a UK Sales & Distribution Company who compliment your brand strategy through Sales & Global Distribution channels.

UK Sales and Distributor, Wholesaler



We help emerging and established alcoholic beverage companies build and manage successful brands by providing innovative solutions and exceptional service, creating sales in the UK Market and driving core brand value through global distribution partner agreements.


Our Management has over the past 20years helped brands create market presence and achieve their sales goals. We position the right brands with the right customer with a focus to identify the opportunity first and then the brand, ensuring successful long term accounts and listings that drive volume, along with setting up distribution agreements with established active distributors worldwide working as part of your brand strategy and global plans, ultilising our vast distribution network gained over many years of active sales for numerous brands across many markets.   

We are performance oriented Sales & Marketing Specialists with an outstanding track record of maximising Marketing Sales and Profits, working with emerging and established brands and top global companies. We have over 20years of experience working within the Drinks Industry (On Trade/Off Trade, Wholesale, Cash & Carry, Retail Multiples, Travel Retail and Duty Free, we are key to helping in your brands success. With our experience comes an extensive and active contact base, including a database of over 2000 active premium customers across many sectors and countries and over 200 active distributors globally, we are specialists in setting up Global Distributor Operations, organising Marketing Budgets and overseeing all Marketing Activities and Sales. 

At Brand Active we specialise in brand sales development & brand activation, wth key focus on Sales Accounts and Market Activation, with a database of over 200 Premium Worldwide Distributors directly within the Drinks & FB Industry, many with direct routes to market for existing and new brands working with Established Active Sales Focused  Distributors, we offer the best and fastest routes to market for your brand.  In the UK, we are also the Distributor and UK Sales and Marketing arm of MGW World Wholesale, identifying new routes to market and developing sales through our network of UK customers across all platforms, On Trade, Off Trade, Retail Multiples, Pub Chains and Travel Retail.


For Distribution and depending on your requirements, exclusive or non exclusive, what we  ask, is that we are allowed to approach markets where your brands are not currently active within, alternatively we work as per your brand strategy in markets along side exisitng tie ups to independently drive sales and in opening direct accounts where we have existing sales routes and contacts.

We are results driven and are rewarded on producing results and focused on achievement and results driven to open new Markets, setting up sales, increase the sales pipeline and drive volume for your brand range, increasing brand value.

We actively increase your brands value, market coverage and global footprint through  our Active Direct Sales Markets, we have Active Sales Accounts with Active Distributors Globally and are specialists in New Emerging Markets

UK Sales & Distribution with Global Brand Development "Our Passion & Speciality"


We are passionate about developing brand sales, working with innovation brands across all spirits categories, Whisky, Gin, Vodka, Tequila, Rum, by pushing the boundaries within each category to the edge.

Our existing global distributors & importers are also brand builders and innovators, driven by insight and a deep-rooted understanding of their market and ultimately the consumer. 

At Brand Active, we act as your Brand partner and Marketing Consultant and operate as a direct distributor partner in the UK, along with expertise insetting up Global Distribution Partners working as an extension of your company, growing your brands global reach and in having speacialist UK Distribution, both with direct sales and importation, bonded storage with a full customs licence and delivery throughout the UK.

  "We are your Direct Activation Partner, increasing sales and adding core brand value"  

We are you Proactive Brand Partners, UK Distributor Importer, Wholesaler & Global Distribution Activator


 We want to give you the time and guidance you deserve. Whether you are just starting out, or an estaablished brand, we can work with you to create  brand sales, account activation and distributor set up. 

we relate to your target market and lead your brand to increased sales and new market activation. 

Working with new brands or exisitng brands we can dramatically increase your sales routes and ultimately your volume sales, building credibility in brand positioning and global distribution. 




Brand Active are the UK Sales and Marketing arm of MGW World Wholesale. MGW are an respected UK importer and exporter,  importing alcohol brands throughout Europe and Global. MGW import into the British market, but also sell alcohol brands throughout Europe and Asia with Bonded sites within the EU. 

Working in partnership with Brand Active  to develop the UK Market for a range of exclusive brands, and for exports Worldwide.

MGW are our UK & Global Partners for Importation and Exportation, with all orders and delivery being processed directly through MGW World Wholesale.

MGW & Brand Active offer a fully Bonded Warehouse Facility for all our Brands and Customers, along with direct Wholesale Sales Routes with many UK Leading Wholesalers and Cash & Carry Outlets.

We deliver direct to our customer in the UK, whether it is by pallet or by case, we deliver direclty covering the UK market.


MGW is an importer, Wholesaler and Marketer of a select range of wines, spirits and beers. MGW are our partner Company representing suppliers from many countries and exporting to  Countries Worldwide, Brand Active is the Sales & Marketing arm of MGW.

MGW has a solid reputation among clientele and can offer both bulk supply to Wholesale and case sales delivery across all Markets.  


Brand Active Brand Brochures

Our Spirit Brochure with Multi Award Winning Brands

Brand Active Spirit brochure

Our Award Winning Beer Range

Award Winning Beer Range from Italy


Essential Guide to Convenience

Essential Guide To Convenience

 Running busy stores means that most the retailers heavily rely on trade press for news, updates and information on product and consumer buying trends so that they can stay ahead of their competition. With the change in consumer buying behaviours and a move away from the weekly big shop, the Convenience sector is thriving and has become a key target battleground for the major wines, spirits, beer and cider suppliers. 

Essential Guide To Cider

Essential Guide to Cider

 While mainstream brands like Stella Artois Cidre and Magners are tanking, arguably the two most important sectors of the market are thriving.

 Fruit cider is going great guns, with sales up 11%. This is crucial  because fruit cider is a hotbed of innovation that has been incredibly successful at winning over young adults and the term “cider” a lot more friendly for millions of consumers. 

Bocelli Family Wine Range

Bocelli Wine

For nearly three centuries, the Bocelli family has made classic Italian wines on their small estate in Tuscany. To this day, Edi Bocelli, aka “Mamma”, still enjoys working in the fields, carefully hand-tying vines. Cinzia and Alberto Bocelli manage the azienda, and with the help of Andrea Bocelli, welcome visitors from around the world to taste their exceptional wines – it is a true family affair.

Worlds Best Spirits

Worlds Best Spirits

 The World Drinks Awards annual digital publication, Spirits, is THE celebration of the finest spirits available worldwide. Each year, these awards select, reward and promote the spirits of the world, and this publication is a celebration of the very best. With over 150 spirits listed, this really is the ultimate guide to your favourite tipple. Spirits includes information on the finest spirits and distilleries in the world, mixology, food pairings, over 200 expert tasting notes.

Worlds Best Beers

Worlds Best Beers

Beers is the annual digital publication of the World Beer Awards. Each year, these awards select, reward and promote the finest brews available to beer drinkers across the globe and this magazine is a celebration of the very best. 

With over 300 beers listed, complete with tasting notes, brewery profiles and features on industry trends and secrets, this really is the beer drinkers’ ultimate guide to the perfect brew. 

Mindful Drinking

Buyers Guide Mindful Drinking

  A movement called mindful drinking is gathering pace across the UK as Brits seek to moderate their alcohol consumption and lead healthier loves. A fifth of British adults are now teetotal, BWS column sales are in steady decline and mindful drinking festivals are springing up across the country. The drinks industry could see this as an impending disaster and decide to sell up shop and get into something like Bitcoin, cannabis, avocados or quinoa.